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Dr. Ainat Pansky 
Office: Human Factors and Ergonomics Unit and Institute of Information Processing and Decision Making, University of Haifa, 199 Aba Khoushy Ave. Mount Carmel, Haifa, 3498838, Israel.
Phone: 972-4-8249437 | Fax: 972-4-8249431.

Email: pansky@research.haifa.ac.il
Subject: Memory and metamemory: memory accuracy and distortion; eyewitness suggestibility; memory over time; effects of retrieval practice on eyewitness memory.
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My research mainly focuses on the memory and metamemory processes underlying the completeness and reliability of memory accounts.

Some of the more specific research questions that I have been examining along with my colleagues and students are:

  • What is the origin of memory distortions, and what are their underlying mechanisms?
  • What are the effects of time (retention interval) on memory accuracy (and distortion) and on the specificity of the reported information, and what are the processes that mediate them?
  • What are the factors that affect confidence in the reported information?
  • How do external suggestions interact with the products of spontaneous memory processes that occur over time?
  • How can eyewitness memory be inoculated against forgetting and against contaminating effects of misinformation?
  • Does covert retrieval differ from overt retrieval, and if so, how?
  • How does one type of retrieval at a certain point in time affect different types of retrieval conducted at a later time?