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Research Topics


Visual Perception and Attention

Prof. Ruth Kimchi

Perceptual organization; Visual attention; Object and Face perception; Perception of hierarchical structure; Holistic/configural processing; Visual Consciousness.

Prof. Morris Goldsmith

Object-based and space-based attention; Visual attention and perceptual organization; Hierarchical visual navigation; Attention and object perception; Visual search.

Prof. Yaffa Yeshurun

Spatial and Temporal attention; Spatial and temporal crowding; Visual search; Perceptual load; Temporal and spatial integration.

Dr. Shai Gabay

Distinguishing subcortical from cortical influences in visual attention and perception; Visual attention; Perception; The interaction between attentional systems; Inhibition of return.

Dr. Pe’erly Setter

Stereoscopic vision; Target detection, recognition and identification, Visual perception while driving.

Dr. Hadas Marciano

     Human attention and its applications in human factors; Visual attention; Perceptual load; Human factors in general and more specifically 
     driver's behavior.


 Metacognition, Memory, and Metamemory

Prof. Asher Koriat

Judgments of Learning; Feeling-of-Knowing and Partial-knowledge; Subjective confidence, consciousness and subjective experience; Self-consistency and social consensus.

Prof. Morris Goldsmith

Strategic regulation of memory accuracy and informativeness; Metacognitively guided retrieval and reporting; Monitoring and control processes in memory; Report option, Grain size, source constrained recall.

Dr. Ainat Pansky

Memory accuracy and distortion; Eyewitness suggestibility; Memory over time; Effects of retrieval practice on eyewitness memory.

Dr. Avi Mendelsohn

Encoding, consolidation, and retrieval of episodic memory; Interactive memory systems; Reward system and memory; fMRI; Organizational principles in the brain.



Prof. Zohar Eviatar

Interactions of Hemispheric Processes and the language faculty; Hemispheric specialization for reading and writing in different languages; Interhemispheric interactions in automatic and controlled tasks.

Dr. Tali Bitan

Reading acquisition; Second language learning; Language recovery and rehabilitation; fMRI; Effective connectivity; Inter-hemispheric connectivity; Sleep.



Dr. Assaf Kron

Models of feelings and emotions; Physiology of emotion; Mixed emotions; Affective and semantic valence.