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2015 - 2016


      Prof. Victor Kuperman
      How word learning affects word representation

      Dr. Sabina Kleitman
      Decision making within differing contexts: Individual difference and group dynamics

      Dr. Daniel M. Bernstein
I knew it and so did you! Social cognition across the lifespan

      Panel Discussion with Prof. Daniel Kahneman Nobel Prize Laureate for Economic Sciences ]Gallery] [Video] [Short interview]

      Dr. Orna Rosenthal
The role of global-local competition for attention in Motion-induced blindness

      Dr. Tali Leibovich
From “sense of number” to “sense of magnitudes”

             Prof. Asher Koriat
What is the basis of our confidence in our knowledge and beliefs?

Dr. Tali Bitan

       Effects of age and sleep on learning a second language

Dr. Dina Devyatko

       Individual differences in the illusory disappearances: Looking for a single oscillatory mechanism

Dr. Avi Mendelsohn

       Exploring the biography of episodic memory in the human brain

Dr. Andrei Teodorescu

       Modeling decision processes - insights into cognitive mechanisms, clinical populations andnon-classical theories of mental states