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IMG 5040 integrative S1A research lab that is used mainly for teaching and training.

It includes eight computer stations, supplying each researcher with the necessary software and hardware tools for independently conducting all the stages of his or her research. Each computer is equipped with user-friendly software tools operating on one common platform -- Microsoft Windows for PC, allowing perfect integration between the various segments of the research process, including literature search and review, the experimental design, collecting data, statistical analysis, graphical and tabular presentation of the data, etc.

In particular, each computer is equipped with an experiment generator – E-Prime – that enables the computerized implementation of experiments in Psychology without requiring expertise in computer programming. E-Prime includes a development studio for the implementation of computerized psychological research including reaction time, perceptual detection, learning and questionnaire type paradigms, etc. It includes an advanced, user-friendly, visual design environment that allows graphical selection and specification of experimental functions. E-Prime allows the non-programmer to rapidly create the majority of experimental designs, while allowing expert users to exploit E-Prime’s comprehensive scripting language and debugging methods for the more sophisticated experiments or options. The software is designed to monitor external devices such as a response box or microphone, and to measure response time with millisecond precision. It also allows the on-line presentation of experimental results.

The lab is sufficiently flexible to support research on a broad range of topics, and is appropriate for implementing the majority of experimental paradigms employed by the members and students of our research institute.