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Eye Movement Laboratory for the Study of Reading Process and Visual Attention


IMG 5137 eye SThe EyeLink 1000 is a high speed and high accuracy eye tracking system especially suitable for reading and perception experiments, where stimuli are presented via computer, and very high spatial and temporal resolution is needed.  

This lab is designed to do eye tracking when sequences of textual or graphic stimuli are presented via a computer display. The focus of this system is full control over the experiment by the system software. This enables on-line manipulation of the stimuli presented based on real-time performance data, as well as data storing for later analysis.

The EyeLink 1000 system acts as a multipurpose eye movement measurement tool. It can be used with two different mounting options: with a chin or forehead rest (Head Supported) or without any head support (Remote / Head Free). In every case, the system provides unprecedented sampling rate, spatial resolution and accuracy for the given application.