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2013 - 2014

       Dr. Assaf Kron
Studies on the structure of emotions and feelings.      

Dr. Kleitman & Phd Student. Jackson

       The role of trait Confidence in decision-making and self-regulated learning // Investigating decision behaviour and its 
       underlying constructs: Decision Pattern Analysis, cognitive abilities, and metacognitive monitoring and control. 

       Prof. Janet Metcalfe & Asst. Prof. Rakefet Ackerman
       Error correction // Meta-reasoning: What can we learn from Meta-memory?

             Prof. Klaus Fiedler & Prof. Michaela W√§nke
 Studies in social metacognition

             Prof. Klaus Fiedler
 What mediation can (not) do

       Prof. Norbert Schwarz
       Embodiment in judgment and decision making: Of fishy smells, dirty hands, and sticky luck    Photo 

       Dr. Orit Baruch
       Attentional attraction of receptive fields can explain spatial and temporal effects of attention

Prof. Nicholas Turk-Browne 

       Statistical learning in the mind and brain