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Laboratory for the Study of Stereoscopic Vision and Perception


stereo lab fIn the Stereoscopic Vision and Perception Lab we conduct studies to test whether stereoscopic displays improve human performance in different tasks. Stereoscopic displays present two images taken from slightly different angle, to each eye seperately. This technology yields depth perception which is similar to that obtained through natural perception.

The Lab is equipped with a wide range of stereoscopic display devices. These include special computers with stereoscopic glasses that cause each eye to view a different image, special computer screens, big, heavy lenses that display images in infinity, a head-mounted display with a new, powerful computer that supports two virtual screens displays, and more.



Research projects:

Developing Auto-Stereoscopic Displays for Air-Borne Usage

3D Stereoscopic Tactical Displays

Improving the Efficiency of X-Ray Luggage Screening with a 3-D Stereoscopic Display

Producing Stereoscopic Videos from Regular Videos

Stereoscopic Vision for Long Distances

Target Detection in Stereoscopic FLIR Images

A Study of Human Stereoscopic Eye-Movements to Provide Data for Stereo Computer Vision Models