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Research Projects


2012 - Present

The role of conceptual stimulus properties in human affective habituation. Dr. Assaf Kron (ISF, 2018-2022, 760,000 NIS)

Literature review on heavy vehicles drivers' training. Dr. Pe'erly Setter and Dr. Hadas Marciano (The Road Safety Authority, 2018, 29,850 NIS).

The effect of in lane pavement markings of freeway exit guide signs on drivers' performance. Dr. Pe'erly Setter and Dr. Hadas Marciano (The Research Fund on Insurance Matters, 2018-2019, 179,752 NIS).

Neural mechanisms of language transfer. Dr. Tali Bitan, Prof. James Booth, and Dr. Vedran Dronjic (BSF-NSF, 2018-2020, $151,714).

Y2018Objective measurements of perception and attention. Prof. Yaffa Yeshurun and Prof. Wolfgang Einhäuser-Treyer (GIF, 2017-2020, 195,000 Euro).





3-level diagram fMutual interplay between attentional navigation and hierarchical object-based-spatial visual representation over time. Prof. Morris Goldsmith (ISF, 2016-2020, 720,000 NIS)





Sleep woman f

The effect of sleep on the consolidation of a novel language in adults with Dyslexia. Dr. Tali Bitan (ISF, 2016-2020, 800,000 NIS), Dr. Anat Prior and Daphna Ben-Zion.




Intelligent Speed Adaptation Systems - Human factors aspects. Dr. Pe’erly Setter and Dr. Hadas Marciano (The Research fund on insurance matters - Israel, 300,000 NIS).

Dissociating affective and semantic valence in brain and behaviorDr. Assaf Kron and Prof. Adam Anderson (BSF, 2016-2019, $126,900).


2 Hebrew reading fDevelopmental changes in the brain mechanisms of reading Hebrew. Dr. Tali Bitan, Dr. Yael Weiss and Prof. Tami Katzir.



 1  morphology f


Learning morphological inflections in a novel language. Dr. Tali Bitan, Dr. Michael Nevat and Daphna Ben-Zion.




 kimchi multiple level fMultiple-level crowding and objecthood. Yossef Pirkner and Prof. Ruth Kimchi.







kinchi competition fCompetition between grouping principles: Representation and processing. Dr. Einat Rashal, Prof. Yaffa Yeshurun and Prof. Ruth Kimchi.






The impact of motivational learning on episodic memory formation in humans. Dr. Avi MAVI ISF fendelsohn (ISF, 2015-2018, 600,000 NIS).




Fig1 UK 353430 fThe effect of marking speed limits on the road surface on driver awareness of speed limits and on speed driving. Dr. Pe'erly Setter and Dr. Hadas Marciano (The Research Fund on Insurance Matters, 2015-2017, 353,400 NIS).




Evaluating Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) systems. Dr. Pe'erly Setter and Dr. Hadas Marciano (Estates Committee, 2015-2016, 80,000 NIS).

Developing a cognitive test for assessing fatigue level among professional drivers. Dr. Pe'erly Setter and Dr. Hadas Marciano (The Israel Insurance Association, 2015-2017, 140,000 NIS).


 kimchi can perceptual f2Can perceptual organization unfold in the absence of visual consciousness? Prof. Ruth Kimchi (ISF, 2015-2019, 800,000 NIS).





 Asher fViews that are shared with others are expressed with greater confidence and greater independent of any social influence. Prof. Asher Koriat and Prof. Norbert Schwarz (BSF, 2014-2018, $ 147,000).





Shai ISF FAttention orienting: An evolutionary development from automatic to volitional processes. Dr. Shai Gabay (ISF, 2014-2018, 800,000 NIS).








crosswalk fDeveloping an optimal markingmean for pedestrian's crosswalk. Dr. Hadas Marciano and Dr. Pe'erly Setter (The Research Fund on Insurance Matters, 2014-2016, 244,000 NIS).




 Fusion. Dr. Pe'erly Setter, Dr. Hadas Marciano and Prof. Hagit Hel-Or (Ministry of Defense, 2014-2015, 50,000 NIS).

The neural basis of object-guided attention and its evolutionary origin. Dr. Shai Gabay and Dr. Adam Greenberg (BSF, 2014-2015, $120,000).

Language shifts – The influence of brief exposure to the non-target language on bilingual performance. Dr. Tamar Degani and Dr. Hamutal Kreiner (ISF, 2014-2018, 650,000 NIS).


eyewitness memory fThe reliability and completeness of memory accounts over time. Dr. Ainat Pansky (ISF, 2013-2017, 620,000 NIS).






Asperger syndrome skills2. Prof. Ruth Kimchi, Dr. Eynat Gal, Dr. Yoram Bonneh and Dr. Hadas Marciano (Ministry of Defense, 2013-2014, 80,000 NIS).

Priming across Modalities: The influence of orthography on sign and spoken language. Prof. Zohar Eviatar, Prof. Nivedita Mani and Prof. Markus Steinbach (The German Science Foundation, 2013-2014).

The time course of temporal attention and its effects on basic perceptual processes. Prof. Yaffa Yeshurun (ISF, 2013-2017, 640,000 NIS).


 Tamar part fAmbiguity in foreign language vocabulary learning. Dr. Tamar Degani (CIG - European Commission - Marie Curie, 2012-2016, 100,000 Euro).







Zohar and Orna fLinguistic factors in conceptual processing: A hemispheric perspective. Prof. Zohar Eviatar and Dr. Orna Peleg (ISF, 2012-2015, 510,000 NIS).





Asperger syndrome skills1. Prof. Joel Norman, Prof. Ruth Kimchi, Dr. Hadas Marciano, Dr. Eynat Gal and Dr. Yoram Bonneh (Ministry of Defense, 2012-2013, 200,000 NIS).

Toad. Dr. Pe'erly Setter and Dr. Allon Kahana (Ministry of Defense, 2012-2016, 650,000 NIS).


third f

The influence of advertising billboards on the attention allocation of drivers: The effect of type of presentation and size. Dr. Pe'erly Setter, Prof. Yaffa Yeshurun, Prof. Joel Norman and Dr. Hadas Marciano (The Research Fund on Insurance Matters, 2011-2014, 420,000 NIS).





 Attention as an attraction field (AAF): The development and evaluation of a novel model of spatial attention. Prof. Yaffa YeYaffa aaf fshurun and Dr. Orit Baruch (National Institute of Psychobiology in Israel, 2011-2014, $ 100,000).





 role of attention in object recognition fThe Role of attention in object recognition : An interactive iterative framework. Prof. Ruth Kimchi, Prof. Morris Goldsmith, and Dr. Orit Baruch (ISF, 2010-2014,  640,000 NIS).






Equipment Grant (2012 - Present)

Institutional Equipment Grant: Neuroscience in real-life: A multi-measure system for exploring naturalistic human cognition. Dr. Shai Gabay, Dr. Avi Mendelsohn and Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory (ISF and Matching from the University of Haifa, 2016-2017, 2,200,000 NIS).

New Faculty equipment grant: Equipment for neuroimaging of learning and memory in humans. Dr. Avi Mendelsohn (ISF and Matching from the University of Haifa,356,000 ,2013-2017  NIS).

New Faculty equipment grant. Dr. Shai Gabay (ISF and Matching from the University of Haifa, 386,778 ,2012-2016 NIS).