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2011 - 2012

Dr. Sabina Kleitman
The model of Self-confidence and its calibration through the eyes of the individual differences approach: Their generality and their role in learning and decision-making

        Dr. Allon Kahana
        Terrain and obstacle avoidance displays for low-level helicopter operations in DVE

 Dr. Shira Elqayam

        Inferring normative values from descriptive premisesInferring normative values from descriptive premises

              Dr. Tamar Degani
Can bilinguals turn-off one of their languages in a single-language context? Evidence from translation ambiguity

 Dr. Orit Baruch
 Role of Attention in object recognition: an interactive iterative framework

 Dr. Hadas Marciano

             The effect of advertising billboards on driving performance as a function of size and type

  Prof. Albert F. Smith  

 Insufficiency of a letter route for word identification

 Dr. Assaf Botzer  

 Strategic behavior, single decisions and user effort when using binary cues 

 Prof. Michael Kubovy

 Audio-visual objects

 Prof. Marlene Behrmann  

 Complementary neural representations for faces and words

 Prof. Sarah Berger  

 Cognition in motion: Decision-making in infants' adaptive locomotion