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14/7/2014 -

ברכות חמות לד"ר שי גבאי עם זכייתו במענק ISF ובמענק לציוד לחבר סגל חדש בנושא: הפניית קשב-התפתחות אבולוציונית מתהליכים אוטומטיים לרצוניים

ברכות חמות לד"ר תמר דגני וד"ר חמוטל קריינר עם זכייתן במענק ISF בנושא: החלפת שפות - השפעה של חשיפה קצרה לשפה שאינה שפת המטרה, על ביצוע דו לשוני


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Prof. Asher Koriat - CV


Head of IIPDM

Prof. Asher Koriat

*    Winner of the 2002 Israel Prize Award (in Hebrew)

*    Elected to the Israeli Academy of Sciences, 2002 (in Hebrew)

*    Winner of the Oswald-Külpe Award for the Experimental Study of Higher Mental 
      Processes - 2005

*     Wikipedia (in Hebrew)

 Personal Details

 Higher Education


B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy, Hebrew University


M.A. studies in Psychology, Hebrew University


Ph.D. in Psychology (Personality and Cognition), University of California, Berkeley

 Academic Appointments 

1993 -            

Head, Institute of Information Processing and Decision Making (IIPDM), University of Haifa

1996 - 

Head, Max Wertheimer Minerva Center for Cognitive Processes and Human Performance, University of Haifa


Visiting Professor, Max-Planck Institute for Psychological Research, Germany

1992 - 1992

Irv Acenberg Visiting Professor, Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Center, University of Toronto

Since 1990  

Professor, University of Haifa

1986 - 1990

Associate Professor, University of Haifa

1985 - 1986

Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, Hebrew University

1978 - 1985   

Senior Lecturer, University of Haifa

1977 - 1978 

Visiting Associate Professor & Visiting Research Associate, 
University of Oregon Decision Research

1976 - 1977

Senior Lecturer, University of Haifa

1970 - 1976

Lecturer, Hebrew University

1970 - 1970

Postdoc. Research Fellow, University of California, Berkeley

1969 - 1970

Teaching Associate, University of California, Berkeley

Scientific Awards and Appointments            

1965-1970       Fulbright Graduate Fellowship

1999-2000       Humboldt Research Award, Max-Planck Institute, Germany

2002                The Israel Prize

2002                Election to Israel's National Academy of Science and Humanities 

2005                Oswald-Külpe Prize for the Experimental study of higher mental

                        processes, University of Würzburg 

2005                Rothschild Prize in the Social Sciences, Israel

2006                Honorary Membership, European Society for Cognitive Psychology

Research Projects 

The measurement of eyewitness testimony: A multi-componential approach (with Morris Goldsmith, Ainat Pansky, and 4 partners).

European Union, FP6 Program, NEST 


Metacognition: A window to the unconscious and unconscious determinants of behavior (with M. Goldsmith, A. Pansky, R. Levy-Sadot [Israel], H. Bless, D. Stahlberg, K. Fiedler, F. Strack, M. Wënke [Germany]

Deutsch-Israelische Projektokooperation (DIP)


The time course of forgetting: Focus on memory accuracy and mediating mechanisms (with M. Goldsmith)

The Israel Foundation Trustees


The mutual effects of monitoring and control processes in metacognition

The Israel Science Foundation (ISF)


Memory accuracy and distortion in old age: Unraveling the cognitive, metacognitive, and neurocognitive determinants (with A. Pansky, M. Goldsmith)

The National Institute for Psychobiology in Israel

1999 - 2002

The strategic regulation of memory grain size: Mechanisms and performance consequences (with M. Goldsmith)

Israel Academy of Science

1997 - 2000

Metamemory processes mediating the credibility of children's memory reports (with W. Schneider, M. Goldsmith)

The German-Israeli Foundation

1997 - 1999

The processes underlying the feeling of knowing

The Israel Foundation Trustees

1996 - 1998

From print to prosody: The extraction of structure during reading (with S. Greenberg)

The Israel Foundation Trustees

1994 - 1996

How do we know that we know: Exploring a process model of the feeling of knowing

Israel  Academy of Science

1990 - 1992

Monitoring processes in memory: Their effects on amount-based and accuracy based measures (with M. Goldsmith)

The Israel Foundation Trustees

1990 - 1992

From structure to meaning: The missing-letter effect in Hebrew function words (with S. Greenberg)

U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation

1989 - 1991

Subjective conviction when intuitions are wrong  (with B. Fischhoff, P. Slovic)

U.S.- Israel Binational Science Foundation

1986 - 1989

Expertise in navigation: Training strategies (with M. Eshel)

Ministry of Defense

1987 - 1988

Human engineering problems in air navigation (with M. Eshel)

Ministry of Defense

1987 - 1988

Processes of reading aloud in Hebrew

Israel Foundations Trustees

1986 - 1988

A comparison of strategies of mental rotation in different tasks

Israel Academy of  Science

1986 - 1988

Processes of spatial orientation

Ministry of Defense

1986 - 1987

The effects of lateralization and pointing on Hebrew reading

The Israel Institute of Psychobiology

1985 - 1986

 List of Publications

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