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Congratulation to Anat Adi Shapira for receiving her Ph.D. degree. Studying: The Reliability and Completeness of Eyewitness Accounts over Time.

Congratulations to Dr. Shai Gabay, Dr. Avi Mendelsohn and for winning a 2,200,000 NIS grant (ISF and Matching from the University of Haifa) studying: Neuroscience in real-life: A multi-measure system for exploring naturalistic human cognition.

Congratulations to Prof. Morris Goldsmith for winning a 4 years 720,000 NIS - ISF grant, studying: Mutual interplay between attentional navigation and hierarchical object-based-spatial visual representation over time.

Congratulations to Dr. Tali Bitan for winning a 4 years 800,000 NIS - ISF grant, studying: The effect of sleep on the consolidation of a novel language in adults with Dyslexia.

Congratulations to Dr. Ravit Nussinson for winning a 3 years 450,000 NIS - ISF grant, studying: Up there and down here: Perceptual simulation of space along the vertical dimension as an embodiment of psychological distance

Congratulations to Naama Zur for winning the best-poster award of the 10th conference of The Israeli Association for Literacy and Language.

Congratulations to Dr. Pe’erly Setter and Dr. Hadas Marciano for winning a 300,000 NIS grant (The Research fund on insurance matters - Israel), studying: Intelligent Speed Adaptation Systems - Human factors aspects.


Hearty congratulations for William Saban for winning the Psychonomics society travel award for this coming Psychonomics meeting!
Mazal Tov to you and your advisor, Dr. Shai Gabay!


Congratulations to Dr. Assaf Kron for winning a 3 years $126,900 BSF grant, studying: Dissociating affective and semantic valence in brain and behavior.


Prof. Asher Koriat: Winner of The Israel Prize 2002 -

Short interview produced by the University of Haifa (in Hebrew)