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Zhang, Z., Mendelsohn, A., Manson, K. F., Schiller, D., & Levy, I. (2016). Dissociating Value Representation and Inhibition of Inappropriate Affective Response during Reversal Learning in the Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex. eNeuro, 4:2(6).

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Yacoby, A., Dudai, Y., & Mendelsohn, A. (2015). Metamemory ratings predict long-term changes in reactivated episodic memories. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 9, 20. [PDF]

Mendelsohn, A., Pine, A., & Schiller, D. (2014). Between desires and actions: how motivationally salient cues invigorate motor imagery in the brain. Neuron 81, 207-217. [PDF]

Collins, K.A., Mendelsohn, A., Cain, C.K., & Schiller, D. (2014). Taking action in the face of threat: neural synchronization predicts adaptive coping. The Journal of Neuroscience 34, 14733-14738. [PDF]

Pine, A., Mendelsohn, A., & Dudai Y. (2014). Unconscious learning of likes and dislikes is persistent, resilient, and reconsolidates. Frontiers in Psychology. [PDF]

Furman, O., Mendelsohn, A., & Dudai, Y. (2012). The transformation of the engram: Time reduces retrieval-related brain activity but correlates it better with accuracy. Learning & Memory 19, 575-587. [PDF]

Mendelsohn, A., Furman, O., & Dudai Y. (2010). Signatures of memory: Brain coactivations during retrieval distinguish correct from incorrect memory. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 4, 1-12. [PDF]

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Mendelsohn, A., Furman, O., Navon, I., & Dudai Y. (2009). Subjective vs. documented reality: A case study of long-term real-life autobiographical memory. Learning & Memory 16, 142-146. [PDF]

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Mendelsohn, A., Strous, R., Bleich, M., Assaf, Y., & Hendler, T. (2006). Regional Axonal Abnormalities in First Episode Schizophrenia: Evidence Based on High b-value Diffusion Weighted Imaging. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 146, 223-9. [PDF]

Golan, H., Levav, T., Mendelsohn, A., & Huleihel, M. (2004). Involvement of tumor necrosis factor alpha in hippocampal development and function. Cerebral Cortex 14, 97-105. [PDF]



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