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Upcoming Event: Prof. Sabina Kleitman's (Sydney University) lecture: "Decision Making, Learning and Adaptability: The role of cognitive abilities, and the Confidence Trait". 13.9.18, at 12:00, at the IIPDM lectures' room, the multipurpose building, University of Haifa.

Congratulations to Dr. Assaf Kron for winning a 4-years ISF grant (190, 000 NIS, per year) studying: The role of conceptual stimulus properties in human affective habituation

Congratulations to Orit Nafcha for winning the prestigious Azrieli Fellowship for Ph.D students in social sciences.

Congratulations to Dr. Pe'erly Setter and Dr. Hadas Marciano - for winning 2 research grants! A 3-months grant (29,850 NIS) from the Road Safety Authority, studying: Literature review on heavy vehicles drivers' training; And a 1.5 year grant (179,752 NIS), from the Research Fund on Insurance Matters, studying: The effect of in lane pavement markings of freeway exit guide signs on drivers' performance.

Congratulations to Dr. Tali Bitan for winning a 3-years BSF-NSF grant (151,714$), with Prof. James Booth, and Dr. Vedran Dronjic, studying: Neural mechanisms of language transfer.